Tuesday, April 27

Volume 2, Number 38, Part Three

Since I don't plan to finish this one right away
I'll tell you how it ends. A week later I call back
to see if I can rent the place, and he says No- the
reason is that he would "prefer a young man who
could help him with the yardwork". Naturally I
plan to file a complaint with the human rights tribunal.
To make matters worse, two weeks after that, I saw
the same suite advertised again. I called thinking their
fabulous strong male renter had flaked and that I would
be second in line.To my dismay I was once again told
that they will only be renting to a "young person".

I feel like invoicing him for the time and gas for that stupid ride I gave him.


sally said...

The map of your trip looks like an ant farm.

Ms. Brazil said...


Unknown said...

That landlord is pond scum. Wait, that's a tautology or something...