Sunday, August 10

Kelphorn #90


Anonymous said...

Had a hard time making sense of the second frame until I realized that the poem was an eeny-meeny kind of thing.

Guess Who

Steven LaRose said...

Pardon the pun, but it is a fine line, isn't it? Between narrative and beauty, that is.

For what it is worth, I prefer the inky. I was meaning to ask you about the graph paper ghosts on recent posts.

Sally said...

I like the ink.

BTW, I just got my Kelphorns mug and T-shirt. I showed some friends and I could tell they were jealous! You should put your URL on them and then your fans can be walking advertisements for your comic.

Ms. Br4Z1L said...

Guess who? Hmmm. All I know is that English is your first language and you are not from Seattle.

Mr Larose- I am a sucker for beauty as an art consumer- but when I'm drawing- the urgency of the story- trying to make one a day- the narrative takes precedence usually. Those graph paper ghosts were always bugging me too. Plus colouring with marker wastes a lot of ink from the pigma pens ($$) and sharpies just aren't black enough for me. I guess the new challenge is figuring out how to use ink while sitting up in bed and watching tv. Its messy. I already splashed ink on my new computer screen.

Sally- Ooh I cant wait to see which t-shirt and mug you bought! I was just about to change the selection. I might be making some t-shirts up for a small comic con in Vancouver I'll be attending August 24th at the Art Museum.

sally said...

I got the bunny mug and "Maybe I'm on the computer too much" t-shirt, mostly because I look horrible in black or white and it was available in brown (though I'm sure the sentiment is apt :).