Tuesday, July 15

Kelphorn #70


Anonymous said...

You tell that evil witch!!!

Steven LaRose said...

I am wondering, has the production of Kelphorns influenced how you deal with the "real world" (as non-bloggers call it)? Even though this is all fiction, do you find yourself taking on a persona?

Are we paying attention to life in a different way than the evil witches?

The one virtue of getting older is, I am caring less and less about what stupid people think.

seize the day dudette.

Ms. Brazil said...

The Ms. Brazil of Kelphorns is a continuation of the Ms. Brazil of my long running(now locked) blog on Diaryland- called Ms. Brazil's Daily Log- which, when it was best, was a non-fiction narrative tragicomedy of inner city teaching/single mom life.

In both, Ms. Br4zil has definitely distilled down from the three dimensional tragic character of me into an essence which is what you get in the narrative.

There are some ways my perception has changed since I committed myself to write a comic a day for a year (as suggested Gareth who does a comic called Perogy Cat http://magicteeth.ca/).

Every day I "look for my comic". When my son is at home- and not 5000 miles away- usually I get the idea during the morning chaotic rush. I'll jot down some key points- and draw it later. And yes, when something interesting happens- I appreciate it even more at the time because I know it will be a rich comic and put in a mental "bookmark" to freeze that moment in time.

I try to stay truthful in the narrative- Kelph0rns is not fiction- its true- at times I will have Ms. Braz1l say something that she actually only thought (like today's "Go away I'm busy- hiss", and, "this is not a babysitting service". I do that mostly to break up the monotony of too many thought bubbles.

Sometimes I will tweak some conversations/settings/sequences for convenience, but I try to avoid that.

The biggest impact overall that K-h0rns has had on my daily life is that it has caused me to live everyday in a more attentive and positive manner --
even when things suck real bad- at least it could possibly make a good comic.

A secondary impact is the ever-looming dull worrying about what other people think. I have decided to limit this worry to people I like only. I have read about other comic artists who have lost friends because of things they have written- I try to hide certain characters' identities and even ask permission to reveal embarrassing details- such as Bridget in the hoarder episode. Other people, like Chim-Chim, are total hams, and would want to be in the comic everyday if they could. Other people, like Dr. Russia, would rather not be in the comic at all-

Oh- and it (drawing/remembering-rereading/having an audience) makes me laugh.

Rebeca said...

Great discussion/explanation, Mz Brazil. I blogged for seven years and have been taking a break for the last eight months or so. Still, I find I have an ongoing narrative running through my head all day, which is kind of weird. Sometimes I want my life NOT to be a story. At other times, it helps me keep things in perspective. And like you, when things get rough, I can always think "Well at least it will make good copy."

Anonymous said...

As a long-time reader of your diary and now an avid reader of your comic, I want to add how interesting the change of format is for me. You're obviously thinking more visually than ever - and of course you were always a visual person, as an artist, but now it's like I SEE WHAT YOU SEE. Zombie movie! Run screaming! No, I jest. Do you understand what I mean at all? There's just something so different and wonderful about actually SEEING Chim-Chim (in the comics) as opposed to just reading his name on the screen (in the blog). I love it. Though, because I want my cake and to eat it too, I must say that I do miss the daily ole Ms. Br4zil diary entries. Still, I am in awe of you and your great work on this project.

Ms. Brazil said...

You are so kind!!