Saturday, June 7

Kelphorn #35

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Steven LaRose said...

I stand agog.

I pause only to wonder about the quality of black. Could a photoshop or illustrator program clean them up? Is it important? I kinda like the warmth of the diaphanous black spaces. The drawing tone enhances Kelphorn's household.

Ms. Br4ZiL said...

Yeah- Now that I'm reading lots of other comics I think about that too. I can also scan them in as bw document instead of photograph. I'll try that so we can compare them side by side. But as for the style, the scratchy backgrounds I quite like though its always a challenge to keep them visually balances and to keep the eye focused where I want it. I did pretty much stop (almost altogether) haphazardly drawing over correction tape- I stopped doing that about a week ago- because the resulting black is more bluey.