Tuesday, May 27

Kelphorn #24

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Steven LaRose said...

format change!

but there has to be a scale-able way to display drawings on Blogger.

But maybe no. Historically we have been milking the left-to-right pan, and yet this silly (but free) Blogger device moves smoother up-to-down.

I don't think anyone has mastered sequential art in the blog world yet.

Ms. Br4ZiL said...

Yeah- what happened is I ended up having a story half about mushrooms and half about Value Village- it was too much- and since I already had the frames inked- I physically cut and pasted the frames and rearranged them so they would FIT ON MY SCANNER. Yes, my scanner is the limitation here! Only scans 300 dpi also-- pros use 1200 dpi.

Ms. Br4ZiL said...

Actshoooally, I think I just might start doing a a narrower l-r format that scrolls down. Makes sense. High Five!