Thursday, May 22

Kelphorn #17

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Rebeca said...

I love the "Bunny at rest". My husband gave me the nickname "Bun Bun" about ten years ago because he said that I like to lie around (in bed) in the same position as the bunnies as UVic. It was a comment on my laziness but now it is a term of endearment. I call him Bun Bun too.

Don't suppose you're in the market for a second bunny? We were offered one yesterday (baby, white) by Mya, of the FH Animal Club, but we have enough pets.


Gentry said...

Tobasco on the all cords and I swear bunny will never go near them again. Or he'll develop a taste for mexican food. Or you'll get ants.

Dreamer333 said...

That bunny is evil. Your comic is hilarious.